About Up & Under Doggy Steps

UU3Introducing Up And Under, the compact, collapsible and portable doggy steps that pop up when and where you need them, then fold and store under anything when you don’t! Simply extend and lock the legs into place and put Up And Under in just the right space. Pets young and old, big and small, Up And Under makes stepping up easy for them all. Put Up And Under next to their favorite chair, in front of the couch or at the end of the bed, now he can easily step up to those spots that once were over his head. Then fold and hide it away, no more looking at bulky steps all day! Slide it under the bed, hide it under the couch, hang it on the wall or store it behind a door. Up And Under Doggy Steps are super sturdy to hold pets up to 75 pounds but so light you can move them easily from room to room, in or outside the house. Up And Under is ideal for travel, storing easily in the car trunk, minivan or SUV. Nobody wants big bulky steps at the end of the bed. Up And Under is up when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t!


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